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The reference company for new products development in electronics industry

We are an electronic development company founded in 1972 based on creativity and quality, able to offer its customers solutions to their technological needs based on their knowledge of electronic, computer and mechanical engineering.

Our values are lasting interpersonal relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

A firm commitment to the agreements and agreements with the client. A willingness to listen to the ideas and opinions proposed, guiding the client in the formulation of their demands honestly and, always aligning ourselves with their interests and passion and enthusiasm for work well done and future

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Single Phase Motor Current Controller

Optical yarn break sensor

DHP sensors are based on an optical recognition approach. These sensors are able to check not only the presence of a yarn, but also if the yarn is moving or stopped. Its main application is for winding machines and looms.

Modulated laser protection barrier for presses and bending machines

Variable frequency drive for three-phase motors up to 400Hz

Industrial ultrasonic generator for atomization

Optical level sensor