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Module Features

Channel Buttons

Select the active channel, group or ungroup channels with each other.

Time Scale Leds

Indicate the active time scale. The change of scale is automatic when crossing the scale funds.

Progression Led

When activated, the knob will control the progression of the stage, going from exponential to logarithmic passing through linear, instead of duration

Level Led

In case of being active, the knob will control the tension level of the sustain stage, going from 0 to 10v

Output Led

Indicate the voltage level of the outputs acting as monitors

Output Jacks

Outputs of the surround signal for each channel


If the Gate mode is activated, the envelope will be automatically relayed at the end while the input signal is activated.
If the Trigger mode is activated, the envelope will automatically re-launch when it finishes after receiving a pulse. Receiving a new pulse will stop the loop.


They allow modifying the values of each stage, being able to select between time and progression, or level in the case of the sustain stage, by pressing the knob itself. the current value of the knob is represented by the arc of leds. The knobs will always act on the channel or group of active channels

Pulse / Gate

Selection of the entries work mode.

Input Jacks

Selection of the entries work mode.

Input Buttons

Trigger / gate buttons for the envelope manual start

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