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Associative Quadruple Envelope

Why the A-envelope

A-envelope was created in its basis to help and simplify the patching in polyphonic configurations. As we all can imagine, bringing polyphony to modular is a pretty tough thing to do because a good bunch of reasons like, space, dedicated modules, a lot of boilerplate patching and more, and even if sometimes we would like to have an harmonic duet or a three or four notes chord, we end up looking for wacky "workarounds". Additionally, during the iterative ideation and creation process some other interesting ideas came up and we could not hold us back from adding them.

Of course and as usual, every one of us will imagine very different application depending on our own use-case.

In what consists

A-envelope is basically a four channel ADSR envelope with the capability of associating these channels in groups for instance to create polyphonyc patches. Each of the channels has also modulation capabilities up to audio rate frequencies for every of the parameters of the envelope. Moreover allows configurable begin and end of stage outputs to easily chain events or states to create complex movements.

Easy to use

The A-envelope despite it is a highly configurable and complete element, its user interface is been made for permorfing. Has LED monitors for every move.

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